Founder and CEO of Bookie Bookz, Alex Hernandez, Talks About His New Business, The Entrepreneur’s Journey, and Doing What You Gotta Do

November 10, 2016

Fulfilling Life’s Yearnings Is “Meraki” (Putting Yourself Into Something And Giving It Life). - Alex Hernandez


What’s up FLY Zone,

Today’s FLY guest is making his second appearance on Fulfilling Life’s Yearnings, and I was glad to have him on at this time because I haven’t been actively recording new podcast episodes, since I have been in school taking my science classes at the University of Michigan (More on this later in a different post). I was actually studying when Alex texted me and asked if we could get on the mic and do a show together to catch up and talk about his new business, Bookie Bookz, which launched on Saturday, November 5, 2016. We talked the next day on Sunday, November 6. Bookie Bookz is a new book subscription service that gives you access to a growing library dedicated to your personal and professional growth. You find a book you want to read and Bookie Bookz sends it Straight To Your Doorstep. You read the book and invest in your knowledge, and once finished, you send it back in one of Bookie Bookz prepaid shipping labels. Bookie Bookz then sends you the next book you have in your online queue. You can check out Bookie Bookz at

Besides talking about his new project, we also had a real conversation about what his life is like now, compared to last year, and the journey he’s been on since his first appearance on the show. In his own words, juggling his job, his entrepreneurship venture, and his relationships with the people he loves has been a struggle for him and he wasn’t shy about discussing that.

We also get specific about how you execute on your goal to make it a reality, and he brought up entrepreneur and podcaster, Pat Flynn, and his book, Will It Fly? The book talks about mind-mapping your goal, reverse engineering it into actionable steps, and consistently following a game plan for those steps, every day.

To go along with that, Alex talked about a growth/progress hack he has been doing for years, which he calls daily disciplines, and it is exactly what it sounds like. He has a checklist of 3-5 things that he does every day, that matter to him. Regardless of whatever else is going on in his day to day life, he knows that if he does those 3-5 things, it was a great day.

To hear him explain this daily discipline growth hack, check out the success diary video series on his blog.

Before we ended the show, it was refreshing to hear why Alex does what he does every day, and how he manages to stay steadfast on his entrepreneurial journey. He expressed that he loves what he does, and is aware that he has to (excuse the expression, “Eat shit” for a while) or do what he has to do until he can do what he wants to do. With entrepreneurialism flowing through his body, it’s only a matter of time until being able to do what he wants to do all the time is a reality.   

Things we talked about are:

  • Bookie Bookz and how you can sign-up
  • His entrepreneurial journey
  • His Daily Disciplines
  • Having a partner that supports him
  • Asking yourself why the things that are important to you, are important to you
  • Juggling job, entrepreneurship, and personal relationships
  • The first time Alex and I talked on the podcast - Listen to it here!

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